Detoxification at Alcohol and Drug Rehab and

AMR&MH to adopt Relapse Prevention as our primary focus due to the high rate of relapse following traditional drug treatment. Relapse prevention begins with education about how to return to life outside of a treatment setting with all of the old stressors and problems that come with it without also returning to drug use. We educate our clients on the real effects of drugs and alcohol on the human body, what triggers are and how to identify and avoid them, living by a new code of rigorous honesty, staying connected to a sponsor and the treatment community and making better choices. Other topics include an explanation of codependency, enabling behaviors, family dynamics, control issues, acceptance and a myriad of other topics essential to continued sobriety. AMR&MH believes chemical dependency is a disease that is chronic, progressive, treatable but not curable. It is a disease that can be placed in remission but is also highly prone to relapse. We believe both the disease and its relapse are best treated through physical stabilization, psychological education, self- confrontation and social rehabilitation. We believe those seeking treatment are not guilty for having the disease but are responsible for its management. We believe abstinence is the beginning of the recovery process. Full recovery is a total lifestyle change. We believe relapse is a process not an event; a process that can be identified, interrupted and managed. Alemu Memorial Recovery And Mental Hospital quality treatment programs at reasonable rates in Southern Ethiopia.

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